I am not a poet !

I am not a poet but this morning I got this urge to write a poem. The trigger for this urge was the bad weather the whole of Europe is having at the moment.

My poem does not rhyme and it may not comply to any poetic styles you may know. It is the expression of my thoughts and feeling that have been going around my mind this morning. It took me 10 minutes to write and I have not attempted to polish in any way after I wrote it. My urge to write it was to share my sentiments with you.

Hope you appreciate the simplicity of the writing and the sincerity of thoughts and wishes.

Snowstorm musings

By Irena Papadopoulos 

I feel so cold today

We feel so cold today

It’s snowing, it’s raining

The wind is chilling

I wish my family

‘Keep warm and safe’

We wish our families

‘Keep warm and safe’

We say

‘Don’t venture out unless you have to’

‘Don’t drive unless you must’

More advice

From radio and TV

From warm and comfy studios

‘Have hot drinks, eat well’

But spare a thought for the refugees

In tents or on the go

Freezing, hungry, trying to survive

Their warm homes miles behind

Searching for safety

Trying to survive

I cannot get the children

Out of my mind

How are they coping

What are they hoping

Is hypothermia creeping in

Is hunger weakening

So much suffering

So much sadness

When will the powerful

Stop playing the power games

When will the greedy

Stop wanting more

When will the fanatics

Start being reasonable

When will all of them and us

Appreciate humanity

When will all of them and us

Stop the death and destruction

When will we all

Learn we are all one

I count my blessings

My warm home

The plentiful food

The choices I have

To stay in or go out

I tell myself ‘stop complaining about the cold’

I have safety

I have a good life

When will they have the same too?



1st March 2018

Dedicated to all the refugees and displaced people who are trying to survive not only this winter but in the long term


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